CompositesWorld's series of topical webinars is tailored specifically for the designers, engineers, and executives who are moving the composites industry forward. All webinars are recorded and available on demand. If you'd like to be notified when a new webinar is scheduled, sign up here.

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  • Designing with Graphene in Mind

    Adding graphene to your process and product can offer unexpected benefits, as graphene offers multiple property enhancements.



CompositesWorld's series of topical webinars is tailored specifically for the designers, engineers, and executives who are moving the composites industry forward. All webinars are recorded and available on demand. If you'd like to be notified when a new webinar is scheduled, sign up here.

Improving Efficiency and Quality with Closed Molding Techniques

In this webinar, MVP technical experts will evaluate a variety of methods and the latest techniques in closed molding processes.

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A Refocus on HP-RTM for Aerospace Applications

This webinar will reintroduce the equipment and process of HP-RTM, C-RTM and LCM from KraussMaffei; Hexcel will present their portfolio of aerospace-grade 2K systems.

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Reducing Variability in Composites Testing

Modern polymer composites combine high performance with great flexibility at the cost of increased material complexity.

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Maximize Efficiencies in Composite Tooling Without Compromising Quality

In this webinar, Toray Advanced Composites shares the key factors to consider to create a composite tool in the most efficient way possible without compromising quality.

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Innovating Carbon Fiber Hinges for Mobility and Aerospace

Composites manufacturing is evolving rapidly toward automated, high-volume fabrication that demands robust design-for-manufacturing capability combined with rigorous process control.

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The Future of Graphene-Enhanced Epoxy is Now

Learn how the project was developed, executed and—most importantly—how this project has developed into a commercially-available enhanced bisphenol-F (bis-F) epoxy slurry.

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CW Tech Days: Composites in Infrastructure and Construction

Materials and design engineering experts will assess the state of the art in design, simulation, failure analysis, digital twins, virtual testing and virtual inspection.

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Enhancements of Thermoplastic Composites for Multifunctional Applications

Take advantage of the strengths of multiple composite fabrication processes to reduce metal in aerospace structures.

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Achieving Sustainability with Next-Gen Mold Release Systems

Decarbonization of a composites fabrication operation requires across-the-board materials and process assessment to find opportunities for creating a more sustainable manufacturing environment.

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Novel Measurement Technique for Composites Prepreg State of Cure

A new measurement technique using encapsulated rheometry enables you to handle samples with ease, provide more accurate cure results and simplify samples setup while meeting ASTM D7750.

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Process Flexible Prepregs Enabling Scalability in Aerospace Manufacturing

Toray will examine the results of testing performed to characterize the cure quality and performance of the rapid cure prepreg system in process scenarios.

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Case Study: How MRAS Uses Digital Tools to Cut Waste, Cycle Time and Boost First-Time Yield for CFRP Parts

Plataine and Middle River Aerostructure Systems (MRAS) explore tools and technologies to digitally track and optimize production planning, materials, tools, machines and other resources to meet increased production rates and cost requirements.

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Moving Structural Composites into a New Era of Manufacturing

Hybrid additive manufacturing and post-print process advances are increasing the already high design freedom and performance achievable to produce structural carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite parts.

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HP-RTM in Automotive and Aviation Applications

This webinar will introduce HP-RTM technologies; show characteristics, advantages and typical applications; and point out their huge potential for aviation applications.

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How Dry Fiber Preforms and Resin Infusion is Enabling the Onshoring of Composite Parts

Using case studies of real-life examples of onshoring, Hawthorn Composites will demonstrate how dry fiber performs and resin infusion can onshore B2C composite parts.

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Laser Projection Systems: Best Practices in Industrial Manufacturing

Laser projection systems are a vital tool in the automated manufacturing environment, delivering precision measurement and greater efficiencies in labor asset management with minimal training and ease of integration.

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Prototyping and Tooling Using Large-Scale Composite 3D Printing

Learn the ins and outs of large format additive manufacturing (LFAM) currently in use for tooling and prototyping for industrial manufacturing markets.

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Integrated Composite Stress Toolbox: The Importance of Integration in an FEA Framework

When it comes to designing composite structures, understanding the material and consequently laminate behavior is paramount.

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Pultrusion Case Study: Polyurethane-Based Structural Profiles for Automotive Lightweight Chassis

CarbonTT, KraussMaffei and Covestro will demonstrate a realized pultrusion case study for an economical production method for automotive lightweight chassis.

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New OoA/OoO Heating Technologies for In-Situ Composite Processing: Debulk, Compaction, Hot Drape Forming and Repair

This webinar will explore new in-situ OoO/OoA heating solutions for debulk, compaction and repair designed to provide superior heat uniformity, comformability (flexibility, stretch), net-shaped solutions and advanced process controls.

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Filament Winding for Pressure Vessel, Utility Pole and Tank Production

Learn about the latest innovations in filament winding and how you can leverage custom-engineered systems to create end-to-end solutions for your unique production process.

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Ply-Based Modeling: What’s the Point?

The ply-based shell modeling methodology for analysis and optimization of composite materials has led to a paradigm shift in composite structural simulation.

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Tips and Tricks for Testing Composites

In this webinar, we will discuss the practical aspects of mechanical testing for composite coupons.

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How to Unlock Breakthrough Performance in Manufacturing Using Surface Intelligence

Learn how surface intelligence data will properly equip your R&D efforts, align your supply chain, guarantee mission-critical decisions and enable breakthrough innovation.

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