Joby extends Agility Prime contract for eVTOL aircraft delivery

Joby’s contract with the U.S. Air Force is now valued at up to $131 million following a $55 million extension that includes provision of up to nine Joby aircraft, two of which will be delivered to Edwards Air Force Base.

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Orbital Composites licenses AMCM technology 

Additive manufacturing compression molding (AMCM), co-developed with ORNL, combines robotic AM and continuous fiber technologies to revolutionize high-volume composites manufacturing.
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Urban Air Mobility

KBM Advanced Materials Develops GRCop-42 Powder Supply

RocketPowder was developed to meet the needs of the GRCop-42 supply chain.
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NEXX Technologies NTB-500 BMI resin system provides OOA processing

Designed for use in high-temperature composite applications, the NTB-500 BMI resin system from NEXX Technologies is said to be available for use on all fabrics and unidirectional tapes.
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ATC Manufacturing selected for NASA's HiCAM project

ATC will provide expertise in thermoplastic composites manufacturing to NASA’s Hi-Rate Composite Aircraft Manufacturing (HiCAM) project.
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CFRP frames used in BMW i3 and Airbus Helicopters EC 135

Carbon fiber will enable air taxi eVTOLs

Aircraft and autos have indeed faced CFRP production woes, but new tech opens door for both.
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Airborne, Accudyne partner to provide automated composites solutions worldwide

The two companies have signed an MOA to collaborate on further development of digital automation systems for composites manufacturing in aerospace, renewable energy, future mobility and more.
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Loop Technology develops robotic arm for wing box inspection

Part of an R&D project with Spirit AeroSystems, the seven-axis Bravura robotic arm automates inspection and sealing within small spaces like aircraft wing boxes.
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Carbon Fibers

Markforged highlights Sidus Space 3D-printed composite satellite

The two partners have spent the last four years working on LizzieSat, a partially 3D-printed satellite that is set to launch on the SpaceX Transporter-9 rocket in 2023.
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MFFD thermoplastic floor beams — OOA consolidation for next-gen TPC aerostructures

GKN Fokker and Mikrosam develop AFP for the Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator’s floor beams and OOA consolidation of 6-meter spars for TPC rudders, elevators and tails.
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Energy Storage

Carbon Fiber 2022 presentation bundles now available

Presentation recordings are now available for the 2022 Carbon Fiber conference that was held in Greenville, SC. Presentation bundle categories include Aerospace, Recycling/Sustainability, Energy, Process and Carbon Fiber for Hydrogen Storage. 
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Mass Transit

8 Transformations 3D Printing Is Making Possible

Additive manufacturing changes every space it touches; progress can be tracked by looking for moments of transformation. Here are 8 places where 3D printing is enabling transformative change.
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Additive Manufacturing Is Subtractive, Too: How CNC Machining Integrates With AM (Includes Video)

For Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing, succeeding with laser powder bed fusion as a production process means developing a machine shop that is responsive to, and moves at the pacing of, metal 3D printing.
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ELIOT Project finds solvolysis best method for aerospace biocomposites recycling

AIMPLAS and TNO study analyzed 12 methods for six different biocomposites. Solvolysis and pyrolysis proved the two most promising alternatives tested in large-scale production at a pilot plant.  
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Regent unveils full-scale seaglider mock-up, plans for expansion

Up to 600,000 square feet of new manufacturing and testing space is anticipated to fulfill $8 billion in global orders for the composite, all-electric maritime vehicle.
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EcoRudder project to develop thermoplastic composite aircraft rudder

Airbus, EconCore, Fraunhofer and the Technical University of Denmark will produce a potentially recyclable rudder from thermoplastic honeycomb sandwich composites.
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Solvay, GKN Aerospace renew collaboration agreement

Both companies aim to expand the use of thermoplastic composite materials on high-rate aerospace structures.
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Energy Storage

ZeroAvia and Absolut Hydrogen partner to develop liquid hydrogen refueling infrastructure for aircraft operations

Partnership supports development of LH2-powered aircraft with up to 80 seats by 2027 and robust airport infrastructure.
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Velocity Composites completes first kits from advanced manufacturing facility in Alabama

Full-rate production for GKN Aerospace should begin before next financial year, site will serve as hub for other launch customers as composites grow in wind energy, urban air mobility and electric vehicles.
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Rock West Composites expands space-grade Strato product line

Rock West Composites is expanding its space-grade Strato product line, including products appropriate for geosynchronous equatorial orbit and deep space applications.
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Additive Manufacturing

JEC World 2023 preview: DLR/EmpowerAX

DLR's open platform EmpowerAX presents a functionalized, cost-effective composite demo part, made using additive extrusion with short- and continuous fiber-reinforced materials.
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JEC World 2023 preview: Engel

Engel’s organomelt process as a single integrated production cell for thermoplastic composite production demonstrates high production efficiency and low unit cost for aerospace and automotive.  
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Cygnet Texkimp develops high-tension carbon fiber overwrapping solution

Fiber winding technology achieves greater power at higher rotating speeds via high-tension composite wrapping, resulting in enhanced fiber-volume ratio, dimensional stability and lighter parts.  
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CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Composites Horizons

Composites Horizons’ services specialize in polyimide- and oxide-based CMC materials used to produce high-temperature structures for aerospace customers.  
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CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: TE Wire and Cable

TE Wire and Cable creates high-performance temperature measurement, signal processing wire and cable solutions targeting aerospace and other industries.
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