JEC World 2023 preview: Biontec

Biontec assists customers with their products from the initial idea to series production with bionic fiber placement complemented by resin transfer molding.

Katie Leesemann
Editorial Assistant, Gardner Business Media


Magnum Venus Products to expand capacity in Tennessee

MVP will spend $20 million over five years to build a new 125,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in East Tennessee.


JEC World 2023 preview: KraussMaffei

KraussMaffei is featuring a variety of technologies, including Fiberform, resin transfer molding, structural component spraying, pultrusion and more.

Carbon Fibers

Addyx carbon exoskeleton technology enables molded ribs inside hollow composite structures

Using a water-soluble mandrel, carbon exoskeleton opens paradigm for topology-optimized composites, cutting weight, manufacturing time and scrap rate.

Compression Molding

JEC World 2023 preview: Pinette PEI

Installation of a Tifanni versatile composites production line will enable Pinette PEI to process a range of materials with high performance and precision for research projects, product development or the production of a small number of parts.  

HP-RTM for aerospace composites

HP-RTM for serial production of cost-effective CFRP aerostructures

Merging automotive process and tooling with aerospace quality to meet increasing production rates.
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Want The Basics?

Videos / Podcasts


Digital Demo: Aerospace Carbon Fiber Infusion

Learn how this process combined with carbon fiber can offer the manufacturer the benefits of increased strength and the ability to make a lighter-weight part.
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Glass Fibers

JEC World 2022, Part 1: Highlights in sustainable, digital, industrialized composites

JEC World 2022 offered numerous new developments in composites materials, processes and applications, according to CW senior editor, Ginger Gardiner, most targeting improved sustainability for wider applications.
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Urban Air Mobility

Multi-flange RTM frames enable radical rear fuselage design

The Clean Sky 2 Advanced Rear End (ARE) demonstrator combines patented new frame design, thermoset and thermoplastic composites and smart tooling to advance aircraft design and cut weight, cost and production time.
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Composite rotary milking platform evolves via process innovations

Infusion and LRTM-based processes and design enabled Waikato Milking Systems to bring a lighter, less labor-intensive platform to the global dairy market.

Energy Storage

Sensors: Data for next-gen composites manufacturing

In the quest for sustainability, sensors are reducing cycle times, energy use and waste, automating closed-loop process control and increasing knowledge to open new possibilities for intelligent manufacturing and structures.
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Additive Manufacturing

Fingerprinting liquids for composites

Collo uses electromagnetic sensors and edge analytics to optimize resin degassing, mixing, infusion, polymerization and cure as well as monitoring drift from benchmarked process parameters and enabling in-situ process control.
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Hi-Temp Resins

Nexam Chemical, the NCC develop solution for manufacturing high-temperature composites

Nexam Chemical’s Neximid high-temperature resin system can operate at temperatures up to 400°C, expanding the boundaries of composites into more demanding applications that weren’t previously possible.  

Carbon Fibers

Toray jointly wins Infrastructure Maintenance award for steel pipe repair innovation

Together with Tokyo Electric Power Grid and Yasuda Seisakusho, Toray employed in-situ VARTM with carbon fiber sheets to repair steel pipe corrosion on transmission towers, with application extension underway.  

Compression Molding

sensXPERT Digital Mold earns 2022 AVK Innovation Award

Data-driven sensor technology optimizes and increases composites manufacturing efficiencies in real time, achieved through collaborative network.  
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Ulster University, Synthesites advance intelligent cure monitoring

Research collaboration to enable active control and optimization for RTM process for composite structures manufacture.  


Dow Chemical, MVP introduce polyurethane-enabled LRTM process

Transportation industry solution decreases LRTM injection times using specialized three-component material chemistry and fully automated injection unit with Fast Flow LRTM process.  


Bucci Composites presents 20-inch carbon fiber rim dedicated to the aftermarket 

The elegant, sporty composite rim design manufactured via HP-RTM targets weight reduction, with key features addressing ease of assembly and high-temperature conditions.  


Hexcel joins collaboration program at Spirit’s Aerospace Innovation Centre

Collaborative activities include development of RTM production applications highlighting future opportunities for liquid composite molding.  
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CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Composite Automation

Composite Automation is joined by Isojet Equipements and PCM/Lucas Industries, bringing solutions for every step of the composites manufacturing process to one booth.
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CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Polytek Development Corp.

Endurance Technologies brand, Custom Polymer Designs, demonstrates CPD 2110A/9234B capabilities in the Composites One and Closed Mold Alliance Demo Zone, alongside featured Polytek-brand tooling board.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Composite Alliance Corp.

Composite part design and fabrication is supported through standard and custom solutions with global tooling, machinery and service supplier Composite Alliance Corp.


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Radius Engineering

Radius Engineering enables aerospace customers to use qualified prepregs to produce net-shape composite structures out of autoclave via its SQRTM and RTM workcells.
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CAMX 2021 exhibit preview: Revolution Composites

Revolution Composites’ triaxial braiding process uses a wide range of fibers for for thrusters, nozzles and conical shapes in spaceflight.
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CAMX 2021 exhibit preview: Scott Bader

Scott Bader displays its Crestabond and Crestomer structural adhesives, Crestafix bonding pastes, Crestapol urethane acrylate resins and Crestamould tooling system.
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