TemperChip machining temperature sensor for composites


Patented device provides real-time machining data to monitor and accurately predict tool life, opening up the horizons to measure a variety of parameters between cutting tool and material.  

XlynX Materials BondLynx and PlastiLynx for low surface energy PP, PE substrates


Award-winning Xlynx materials use breakthrough “diazirine” technology to boost bond strength up to 950% as adhesives, primers and textile strengtheners.

Artemis Technologies launches new all-electric foiling water taxi


A more environmentally conscious luxury water transportation option, the Artemis EF-12 Escape, with its composite/metallic foils, combines a sleek style with a high-performance flight control system.

Plataine releases updated version of AI-based scheduler program


The latest version of Plataine’s Production Scheduler Solution considers relevant elements when generating optimized manufacturing schedules, including human capacity, tool availability and autoclave optimization.  

Loop Technology robotic machining system works with harder materials


The RoboMach HA is a high-accuracy robotic machining system that can work with a range of materials, including cured composites. 

NEXX Technologies NTB-500 BMI resin system provides OOA processing


Designed for use in high-temperature composite applications, the NTB-500 BMI resin system from NEXX Technologies is said to be available for use on all fabrics and unidirectional tapes.

Open Mind Technologies leverages ultrasonic knife cutting strategy for composites


HyperMill from Open Mind Technologies utilizes CAM software for ultrasonic knife cutting strategy.

JEC World 2023 exhibit preview: Xenia Materials


The company is launching Xegreen, a product family of thermoplastic materials made from recycled fibers.

Base Materials launches new polyurethane tooling board products for molding processes


Three new specialist products include BP600 medium-density and BP1200 and BP1700 abrasion-resistant, high-density PU tooling materials for vacuum forming, thermoforming, automotive modeling and more.

JEC World 2023 preview: Biontec


Biontec assists customers with their products from the initial idea to series production with bionic fiber placement complemented by resin transfer molding.