Porcher Industries strengthens partnership with Terre de Lin

Technical and commercial cooperation enables Terre de Lin to deliver flax rovings to Porcher for the production of woven Polypreg Flax/TP composite reinforcements.


Woven flax fiber reinforcement. Photo Credit: Porcher Industries

Technical textiles and high-performance thermoplastic composites company Porcher Industries (Eclose-Badinières, France) strengthens its partnership with Terre de Lin (Normandy, France), a global flax fiber producer. This non-exclusive technical and commercial cooperation aims to develop sales of flax fiber-based reinforcements for thermoplastic composites implemented by thermocompression.

Novel Polypreg Flax/TP thermoplastic composite reinforcements, woven by Porcher Industries using flax rovings from Terre de Lin, are said to constitute lightweight bio-reinforcement options for making parts with a variety of semi-structural appearances via ultrafast thermocompression.  

TDL Technique, a subsidiary of Terre de Lin, is currently developing flax/thermoplastic rovings, aiming to bring increased productivity to the use of flax fiber in composites and better manage the end of life for recycling.

Both companies believe that this environmentally conscious range of materials is the answer to increasing designer demands for composite parts that are simultaneously modern, attractive, durable and immediately recognizable as natural. By developing this type of solution, Porcher Industries wishes to contribute positively in the fields of three of its clients regarding their greenhouse gas evaluation. 

“This partnership allows Porcher Industries to guarantee very large volumes for top vehicle and aeronautics suppliers, as well as sports brands seeking this high-performance thermoplastic material with a lower environmental impact and which is easily recyclable,” Pascal Joubert des Ouches, marketing director of Porcher Industries, notes.