Loop Technology develops robotic arm for wing box inspection

Part of an R&D project with Spirit AeroSystems, the seven-axis Bravura robotic arm automates inspection and sealing within small spaces like aircraft wing boxes.

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Evident wind blade inspection system automates nondestructive ultrasonic testing

An autonomous, cobot-mounted inspection system combines Industry 4.0 with established ultrasonic technology to rapidly provide repeatable, accurate data and improve overall efficiency.

MoviTHERM opens in-house NDT lab

New inspection techniques, excitation sources and infrared cameras enhance feasibility study capabilities for customers in the composites industry.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Dolphitech

In-service inspection capabilities for composites, metals and bonded structures are made more robust, flexible and portable with the Dolphicam2 MxTTU platform.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Innerspec Technologies

Taurus and Camus 3D ultrasonic inspection systems provide automated and semi-automated solutions for composite aerospace components.

Carbon Fibers

Dolphicam2 NDT system identifies flaws in CFRP panel in one setup

A second benchmark study on a CFRP NDI Proficiency specimen 1A assesses NDT equipment and personnel, successfully characterizes all flaws in panel.  

NCMS report demonstrates thermography innovations for enhanced NDI capabilities

Technology brief highlights how thermographic signal reconstruction (TSR) has enhanced the readiness of aircraft in less time and at lower cost, with potential for use inspecting composites and metals.  

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Dolphitech capability study benchmarks dolphicam2 NDT platform

A CFRP panel was manufactured to the specification of an FAA NDI Proficiency specimen 2A, representative of composite laminates found on commercial aircraft.


NCC sensor technology unlocks digital potential for liquid resin processes

Research and testing of dielectric sensors performed by the NCC, Meggitt and Cranfield University accurately captures resin infusion data, shows promise for composites manufacturing.

Dolphitech releases MxTTU digital scanning solution

In-service inspection capabilities are made more robust, flexible and portable, with the ability to precisely diagnose a larger inspection area and inspects materials that hinder sound propagation.

​Nondestructive testing technologies handle demanding inspection environments

Zetec phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) inspection products Emerald and Topaz feature real-time TFM capabilities, more detailed inspection results and improved performance.


CAMX 2021 Show Daily highlights composite technology innovations

As the CAMX media sponsor, CompositesWorld reported on several new or improved developments on display, from CAMX Award and ACE Award winners, to the keynote speaker and interesting technologies.

Waygate Technologies launches fully connected ultrasonic flaw detector 

The customizable, handheld Krautkrämer USM 100 sets new standards in ergonomics, connectivity and ruggedness for composites inspection requirements, such as complex wave propagation and high attenuation.


Robotic computed tomography – removing NDT barriers for composites

Radalytica uses collaborative robots, ultra-sensitive X-ray photon detectors and the ability to combine CT with ultrasound, surface profiling and other inspection methods to optimize composites part quality, production and reduce cost.

Volume Graphics CT software update detects and corrects design flaws and manufacturability issues

Version update for data analysis software suite improves usability, speed and accuracy of non-destructive testing, analysis and geometry repair of parts from injection molding, casting or 3D printing.

BTG Labs launches Surface Analyst 5001

Non-destructive handheld surface inspection device performs predictive analytics for zero-defect manufacturing in less than two seconds for any materials and part geometries in any direction.


Curtiss-Wright and Dolphitech team up on predictive wind turbine maintenance service

Combination of StressWave, PdP Pattern Recognition software with Dolphicam2 ultrasonic inspection for CFRP structures to provide end-to-end solution for damage detection, prevention and prediction.


INVENT GmbH demonstrates sensor network for structural monitoring on composite railcar structures

Patented DuraAct technology uses piezo-ceramics to detect damage in Deutsche Bahn train side skirts as part of faWaSiS research project.


Testia releases multi-method acquisition system for NDT inspection methods

Multi-method UE1 Box, phased array U32 Box and SKD architecture improve activity efficiency and meets technical specifications on a flexible, cost-effective platform.

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Physical testing to characterize composites

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments reviews use of static tests, impact tests, internal observations and fracture observations to assess and characterize the physical properties of composite parts and structures.

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Contact-less microsensor targets real-time NDT for composite structures

RVmagnetics’ MicroWire self-monitors composite structures via embedding during the production process. It improves safety, control and real-time data for predictive maintenance. 


Using nondestructive testing to inspect, repair carbon fiber bicycles

An Oregon-based bicycle inspection and repair shop uses an Olympus ultrasonic thickness gage to evaluate and fix structural damage.

Carbon Fibers

Update: Lower wing skin, Wing of Tomorrow

Airbus is evaluating several advanced composites technologies as part of its Wing of Tomorrow program. Among these is liquid resin infusion of the lower wing skin, being developed by Spirit AeroSystems.


CAMX 2020 preview: Abaris Training Resources

Louis C. Dorworth, direct services manager of Abaris, is moderating a CAMX 2020 panel and presenting a tutorial on bonding and joining of composites.

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