Zero-Emissions, High-Power Demand Actuators in Off-Grid Locations

Alternatives to using process gas and electrically powered actuators are available.


Are You Providing Sustainable Materials?

Biopolymers? Bio-additives? Materials containing high levels of PCR? Materials regenerated via advanced recycling? Let the world of extrusion tap into your Know How by speaking at the Extrusion 2023 conference.  

Carbon Fibers

SHD, Lineat signs terms for sustainable carbon fiber composites

Alignment of “recycled” and waste carbon fiber material via a patented manufacturing technology process will encourage more sustainable, circular composite materials development.

Special Edition: Next Gen Aerospace

A glimpse at the materials and processes that will be on the table as next-generation aircraft are developed.

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Extrusion 2023 Conference: It’s All About Sustainability

Want to present on how your materials or equipment technology — or your processing expertise — can help extrusion processors achieve their goals to develop more sustainable products? You still have until May 22 to submit your abstracts.


Adaptive composite elements for building facades exhibited at JEC World 2023

University of Stuttgart institutes use carbon and glass fiber composites, robotic fabrication, biomimetic design and digial twin/control to demonstrate adaptive facade elements for future buildings.


Addyx carbon exoskeleton technology enables molded ribs inside hollow composite structures

Using a water-soluble mandrel, carbon exoskeleton opens paradigm for topology-optimized composites, cutting weight, manufacturing time and scrap rate.


Braskem Idesa, lista para nuevos mercados con resinas recicladas

Braskem Idesa estuvo en la Plastics Recycling Conference 2023 para promover sus nuevas soluciones con resinas de material reciclado para aplicaciones y mercados de productos alimenticios. Entérese.


Markforged highlights Sidus Space 3D-printed composite satellite

The two partners have spent the last four years working on LizzieSat, a partially 3D-printed satellite that is set to launch on the SpaceX Transporter-9 rocket in 2023.
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MFFD thermoplastic floor beams — OOA consolidation for next-gen TPC aerostructures

GKN Fokker and Mikrosam develop AFP for the Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator’s floor beams and OOA consolidation of 6-meter spars for TPC rudders, elevators and tails.
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Teijin Automotive innovates core technologies for body panels

The company’s latest Hexacore and Foam-A-Core products have been developed to meet needs for high impact, fast cycle times and low moisture absorption.


Porcher Industries strengthens partnership with Terre de Lin

Technical and commercial cooperation enables Terre de Lin to deliver flax rovings to Porcher for the production of woven Polypreg Flax/TP composite reinforcements.


Bio-inspired EV underbody panel developed by TPI Composites, Helicoid Industries

Composite underbody panel for battery pack protection, made of stacked multiaxial noncrimp fabric, will serve high-volume commercial and automotive markets.
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Natural Fibers

INCA secures $40 million funding commitment for biocomposites development

INCA Renewable Technologies targets commercialization of hemp-based biocomposites line for automotive, wind, marine industries, moves forward with processing facility construction.

Glass Fibers

Exel Composites pultruded rods enhance Umbrosa parasol durability

The Belgium-based manufacturer chose pultruded fiberglass ribs for many of its umbrella and parasol designs to effectively endure exposure to high wind speeds, saltwater, rain and UV.

Carbon Fibers

Colored carbon fiber composite bike wheels launched at The Cycle Show

Wheel brand Parcours reveals composite bike wheels using Hypetex colored carbon fiber to achieve aesthetic, lightweight and performance goals.  


Viritech and Haydale pursue new functionalized materials for Type V composite vessels for hydrogen storage

Goal is considerable weight savings via lightweight, impermeable pressure vessels without a liner, further advance in Graph-Pro structural storage tanks with integrated fixation.
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NEXX Technologies NTB-500 BMI resin system provides OOA processing

Designed for use in high-temperature composite applications, the NTB-500 BMI resin system from NEXX Technologies is said to be available for use on all fabrics and unidirectional tapes.
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JEC World 2023 exhibit preview: Xenia Materials

The company is launching Xegreen, a product family of thermoplastic materials made from recycled fibers.
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JEC World 2023 preview: Bcomp

Bcomp presents a range of parts featuring its materials, from a range of brands in automotive, motorsports and sports, at JEC World 2023.
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Natural Fibers

JEC World 2023 exhibit preview: Bcomp

A variety of applications featuring Bcomp’s flax fiber composites will be on display, including the bodywork for Japan’s Super Formula race series.


JEC World 2023 exhibit preview: Mito Materials Solutions

At the Startup Hub, Mito is availabile to discuss its ready-to-pour graphene resin options, customer applications and solutions for taking graphene from the lab to the real world.


CompPair adds swift prepreg line to HealTech Standard product family

The HealTech Standard product family from CompPair has been expanded with the addition of CS02, a swift prepreg line.