Joby extends Agility Prime contract for eVTOL aircraft delivery

Joby’s contract with the U.S. Air Force is now valued at up to $131 million following a $55 million extension that includes provision of up to nine Joby aircraft, two of which will be delivered to Edwards Air Force Base.
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Artemis Technologies launches new all-electric foiling water taxi

A more environmentally conscious luxury water transportation option, the Artemis EF-12 Escape, with its composite/metallic foils, combines a sleek style with a high-performance flight control system.


Orbital Composites licenses AMCM technology 

Additive manufacturing compression molding (AMCM), co-developed with ORNL, combines robotic AM and continuous fiber technologies to revolutionize high-volume composites manufacturing.
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Special Edition: Next Gen Aerospace

A glimpse at the materials and processes that will be on the table as next-generation aircraft are developed.

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Adaptive composite elements for building facades exhibited at JEC World 2023

University of Stuttgart institutes use carbon and glass fiber composites, robotic fabrication, biomimetic design and digial twin/control to demonstrate adaptive facade elements for future buildings.

Energy Storage

Airborne, Accudyne partner to provide automated composites solutions worldwide

The two companies have signed an MOA to collaborate on further development of digital automation systems for composites manufacturing in aerospace, renewable energy, future mobility and more.
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Loop Technology develops robotic arm for wing box inspection

Part of an R&D project with Spirit AeroSystems, the seven-axis Bravura robotic arm automates inspection and sealing within small spaces like aircraft wing boxes.
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Markforged highlights Sidus Space 3D-printed composite satellite

The two partners have spent the last four years working on LizzieSat, a partially 3D-printed satellite that is set to launch on the SpaceX Transporter-9 rocket in 2023.
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MFFD thermoplastic floor beams — OOA consolidation for next-gen TPC aerostructures

GKN Fokker and Mikrosam develop AFP for the Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator’s floor beams and OOA consolidation of 6-meter spars for TPC rudders, elevators and tails.
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3D Printed Cutting Tool for Large Transmission Part: The Cool Parts Show Bonus

A boring tool that was once 30 kg challenged the performance of the machining center using it. The replacement tool is 11.5 kg, and more efficient as well, thanks to generative design.


Teijin Automotive innovates core technologies for body panels

The company’s latest Hexacore and Foam-A-Core products have been developed to meet needs for high impact, fast cycle times and low moisture absorption.

Mass Transit

Bio-inspired EV underbody panel developed by TPI Composites, Helicoid Industries

Composite underbody panel for battery pack protection, made of stacked multiaxial noncrimp fabric, will serve high-volume commercial and automotive markets.
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SPE ACCE 2023 innovative parts competition is open for nominations

Any register conference participant may nominate original equipment, aftermarket or prototype composite parts for automotive, truck and UAM applications by July 30, 2023.


SHD Composites backs Team BRIT disabled racing driver

Forty-one-year-old Paul Fullick seeks to make history with all-disabled racing drivers competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Teijin Automotive Technologies supplies exterior body panels to Lotus Emira

The new premium sports car features exterior doors and panels made from Teijin Automotive Technologies’ compression molded TCA Ultra Lite material.

Glass Fibers

Exel Composites pultruded rods enhance Umbrosa parasol durability

The Belgium-based manufacturer chose pultruded fiberglass ribs for many of its umbrella and parasol designs to effectively endure exposure to high wind speeds, saltwater, rain and UV.

Carbon Fibers

Colored carbon fiber composite bike wheels launched at The Cycle Show

Wheel brand Parcours reveals composite bike wheels using Hypetex colored carbon fiber to achieve aesthetic, lightweight and performance goals.  


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NEXX Technologies NTB-500 BMI resin system provides OOA processing

Designed for use in high-temperature composite applications, the NTB-500 BMI resin system from NEXX Technologies is said to be available for use on all fabrics and unidirectional tapes.
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Rock West Composites expands space-grade Strato product line

Rock West Composites is expanding its space-grade Strato product line, including products appropriate for geosynchronous equatorial orbit and deep space applications.
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Additive Manufacturing

JEC World 2023 preview: DLR/EmpowerAX

DLR's open platform EmpowerAX presents a functionalized, cost-effective composite demo part, made using additive extrusion with short- and continuous fiber-reinforced materials.
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JEC World 2023 preview: SGL Carbon

SGL Carbon launches new 50K Sigrafil C T50-4.9/235 carbon fiber, which will match the high strength requirements for pressure vessels, for example, to store hydrogen at 700 bar.
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SABIC debuts EN45545 rail-compliant, fiber-reinforced compound

LNP Thermocomp AM DC0041XA51 offers the rail industry a solution that can be used for on-demand printing of large, complex exterior and interior parts in relatively small build numbers.  

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Teijin Automotive innovates core technologies for body panels

The company’s latest Hexacore and Foam-A-Core products have been developed to meet needs for high impact, fast cycle times and low moisture absorption.