German consortium develops biopolymer-based Cellun composite

German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research (DITF) and partners present a conventional composite material alternative using cellulose that can be processed using industrial processing methods.

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JEC World 2023 preview: KraussMaffei

KraussMaffei is featuring a variety of technologies, including Fiberform, resin transfer molding, structural component spraying, pultrusion and more.

Mass Transit

JEC World 2023 preview: Engel

Engel’s organomelt process as a single integrated production cell for thermoplastic composite production demonstrates high production efficiency and low unit cost for aerospace and automotive.  
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Seat frame demonstrates next-generation autocomposites design

Light weight, simplified/cost-effective manufacturing, passenger comfort and safety informed materials and process innovations and won awards for the 2022 Toyota Tundra‘s second-row seat frame.
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Jeep all-composite roof receivers achieve steel performance at low mass

Ultrashort carbon fiber/PPA replaces steel on rooftop brackets to hold Jeep soft tops, hardtops.

Overmolded hybrid parts open new composites markets

Overmolded hybrid parts open new composites markets

A process that combines continuous carbon fiber-reinforced PAEK with chopped fiber/PEEK overmolding is making inroads in the aerospace market. Parts that previously could not be produced cost-effectively from composites can now be made at less cost than their metal counterparts.
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Thermoset-thermoplastic joining, natural fibers enable sustainability-focused brake cover

Award-winning motorcycle brake disc cover showcases potential for KTM Technologies’ Conexus joining technology and flax fiber composites.
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CFRTP enables better, greener smartphones

Carbon Mobile’s “monocoque” design eliminates separate case, cover and frame, better protects electronics and simplifies disassembly.
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Sensors: Data for next-gen composites manufacturing

In the quest for sustainability, sensors are reducing cycle times, energy use and waste, automating closed-loop process control and increasing knowledge to open new possibilities for intelligent manufacturing and structures.
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Urban Air Mobility

Plant tour: Victrex Composites Solutions, Bristol, Rhode Island, U.S.

De-risking thermoplastic composites at industrial scale via hybrid overmolding.
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Robotic injection molding for functionalized composites

Anybrid enables compact, flexible hybrid injection molding/overmolding for smaller series and larger components.
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ENLIGHTEN program launched to speed thermoplastic composites industrialization

Multi-scale modeling, testing, sensors and machine learning will advance understanding and algorithms to achieve process control and optimization for both aerospace and automotive supply chains.
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Conbility: Mass production of composite tape laminates

RWTH Aachen spin-off scales up production for low-cost, in-situ consolidated composites as inserts for lighter, cheaper injection-molded parts.
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Composite truck component carrier from Lanxess wins GKV/TecPart Innovation Award

  Injection-molded glass fiber-reinforced PA6 component is jointly developed with system supplier and truck manufacturer for 35% less weight, replaces DLFT-based design.  


Covestro, Arcesso Dynamics launch solid-surface manufacturing solution Arfinio

First use of reaction injection molding (RIM) on aliphatic polyurethanes enables complex, lightweight and seamless designs and new property combinations.  

Additive Manufacturing

9T Labs, Purdue University to advance composites use in structural aerospace applications

Partnership defines new standard of accessibility to produce 3D-printed structural composite parts as easily as metal alternatives via Additive Fusion Technology, workflow tools.  
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Toyota Tundra composite seatback design awarded 2022 Altair Enlighten Award

BASF, Flex-N-Gate, L&L Products and Toyota limited an all-steel assembly, cutting 60 parts down to four composite pieces for 20% weight savings.  


SABIC, Dongfeng Motors produce composite truck-mounted toolbox

Thermoformed glass fiber-reinforced PP laminate inserts are overmolded with Stamax resin for a 30% lighter part.


Tepex composite opens up new opportunities for electric skateboards

The continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic is used for a trough-shaped skateboard deck application, notable for its high torsional and bending strength, light weight and moisture protection.



Xenia Thermoplastic Specialties launches new range of supertough carbon fiber composites

New XECARB ST family of carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites combines advanced lightweighting with superior impact strength.


Porcher Industries launches new range of flax fiber-based thermoplastic composites for automotive

Composite stiffeners, sold as textiles, are made primarily of flax fibers grown, selected, mixed and woven in France for modern, durable and environmentally conscious applications.  


Altair Inspire Mold simulates injection molding process to optimize manufacturability

Inspire Mold can evaluate manufacturability of new components at the outset of development, complete design iterations faster, reduce cost and other optimization features.


KraussMaffei recompounding line available for customer trials

Applicable for extrusion and injection molding, the line enables all post-consumer LDPE, HDPE, PP or PS fractions to be processed into recompounds.


Engel launches forming and functionalization of organic sheets

Production cell demonstrates the forming and functionalization of organic sheets and unidirectional tapes in one injection molding step.


Composite Integration launches resin transfer molding, infusion technologies

The company’s modular infusion manifold automates the infusion process to simplify manufacture of large composite structures.