Gatorbar, NEG, ExxonMobil join forces for composite rebar

ExxonMobil’s Materia Proxima polyolefin thermoset resin systems and glass fiber from NEG-US is used to produce GatorBar, an industry-leading, glass fiber-reinforced composite rebar (GFRP).


Composites end markets: Utility infrastructure (2023)

For utility poles and pipes to protective structures and cell towers, composites offer advantages like corrosion resistance, durability and light weight for ease of transport and installation.


Composites end markets: Civil infrastructure (2023)

Growth and potential grow for wider composites adoption in bridges, rebar and other concrete reinforcement and other infrastructure applications and repair.


Cleveland pedestrian drawbridge features FRP decking from Creative Composites Group

Lightweight molded panels with hybrid non-skid technology system make up the new double dutch-style bascule bridge completing Cleveland’s harbor loop.  


CW Tech Days webinar addresses emerging composites opportunities in infrastructure, construction

Attend this Dec. 1st interactive webinar sponsored by Composites One, where experts will review and evaluate the composite materials, processes and applications that should and will be considered for use in these markets.  


SUREbridge project renovation underway in Norway

FiberCore Europe partner MSS implements SUREbridge, a sustainable composites method to strengthen and repair concrete bridges so that they can exist for 50+ years.  


Creative Composites Group introduces product upgrades to combat extreme weather, climate change

New StormStrong FRP technologies are engineered for key infrastructure projects that need to exceed standard resiliency specifications.  


Creative Composites Group integrates Ohio, Maine molding manufacturing capabilities

Flexible approach will provide added capacity to speed up project delivery, meet increased customer demands.  


National manufacturing center for FRP infrastructure opened in Australia

Four-year program between Sustainable Infrastructure Systems, InfraCore leads to internationally certified composite bridge, jetty, wharf, pontoon and lock gate manufacture, research in recycled materials.  


STRUCTeam, Apex Composite Structures design, engineer sustainable composite footbridge

The 12.5-meter bridge provides pedestrian access through the village of Newchurch on the Isle of Wight, inspired by a similar footbridge commissioned by Network Rail in 2009.  


Why aren't composites synonymous with infrastructure?

The U.S. seems poised to invest heavily in infrastructure. Can the composites industry rise to the occasion? 

Natural Fibers

Materials & Processes: Fibers for composites

The structural properties of composite materials are derived primarily from the fiber reinforcement. Fiber types, their manufacture, their uses and the end-market applications in which they find most use are described.


Composite rebar for future infrastructure

GFRP eliminates risk of corrosion and increases durability fourfold for reinforced concrete that meets future demands as traffic, urbanization and extreme weather increase.

Energy Storage

Materials & Processes: Composites fibers and resins

Compared to legacy materials like steel, aluminum, iron and titanium, composites are still coming of age, and only just now are being better understood by design and manufacturing engineers. However, composites’ physical properties — combined with unbeatable light weight — make them undeniably attractive. 

Urban Air Mobility

Materials & Processes: Resin matrices for composites

The matrix binds the fiber reinforcement, gives the composite component its shape and determines its surface quality. A composite matrix may be a polymer, ceramic, metal or carbon. Here’s a guide to selection.


Composite buildings go monocoque

Superior protection from the elements plus fast, affordable installation and maintenance have quickly made Orenco Composites’ DuraFiber buildings an attractive choice for water and wastewater, communications, transportation and power industry outbuildings.


University of Sheffield researchers to drive structural health monitoring in U.K. infrastructure

The £7.7 million program, ROSEHIPS, anticipates exploitation of machine learning, sensing and digital twin technology for automated health monitoring in infrastructure, such as bridges, telecoms masts and wind turbines.  


Refurbishing bridges at half the time, cost versus replacement

Instead of demolishing and rebuilding bridges, SUREbridge doubles the strength and durability of existing structures with an FRP deck for a smart, sustainable solution.

Glass Fibers

Dura Composites, Anderton Concrete provide single-source access to concrete trenching, GRP lid solutions

U.K. energy and infrastructure customers gain technical engineering support and local supply of durable precast concrete trenches and pultruded GRP trough lid offerings.

Energy Storage

Re-Wind Network successfully installs repurposed wind blade pedestrian bridge

The Ireland-based, five-meter-long BladeBridge solution has undergone extensive materials and mechanical testing to ensure application suitability.


Fibrolux supports Polish bridge with custom pultruded deck beams

More than 16 kilometers of fiberglass-pultruded profiles double Marshal Jozef Pilsudski Bridge capacity and upgrade its durability.

Urban Air Mobility

Daher lays the cornerstone for Shap’In composite aerostructures innovation center

Based in the Nantes, France region, the Shap’In TechCenter combines R&D and a production plant within a single facility, capitalizing on Daher’s composites expertise.


Re-Wind Network releases repurposed blade design catalog

Re:Wind Design fall catalog presents designs and details of structures and products developed from EOL wind blades, as well as the research team’s services for those interested in repurposing their own.


Anmet installs first recycled wind turbine blade-based pedestrian bridge

Polish recycling company Anmet and partner GP Renewables Group aim to repurpose decommissioned composite wind turbine blades for infrastructure and consumer products.

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