Exel Composites pultruded rods enhance Umbrosa parasol durability

The Belgium-based manufacturer chose pultruded fiberglass ribs for many of its umbrella and parasol designs to effectively endure exposure to high wind speeds, saltwater, rain and UV.

Grace Nehls
Managing Editor, CompositesWorld

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Johns Manville restarts Slovakian fiberglass furnace

The facility had been taken out of service for a routine rebuild after 10 years of continuous operation.

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Real-time assessment of thermoset composites curing

The combination of material state management (MSM) software and an encapsulated sample rheometer (ESR) enables real-time cure recipe management or cure model development inside the autoclave.


Adaptive composite elements for building facades exhibited at JEC World 2023

University of Stuttgart institutes use carbon and glass fiber composites, robotic fabrication, biomimetic design and digial twin/control to demonstrate adaptive facade elements for future buildings.

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Aeler smart composite containers enter Portuguese market

Navex, part of Grupo ETE, will be representing Aeler in the Portuguese and Cape Verde markets to bring the innovation to the maritime sector.

The making of glass fiber

The making of glass fiber

The old art behind this industry’s first fiber reinforcement is explained,with insights into new fiber science and future developments.
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Composites enable epic interior for Museum of the Future

For this one-of-a-kind lobby, AFI pioneered digital, reconfigurable molds to achieve organic-shaped, multifunctional panels and stairwell cladding.

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Advanced Fiberglass Industries: Composites enable innovation

With decades of composites design and fabrication experience, Dubai-based AFI turns problems into solutions.


JEC World 2022, Part 3: Emphasizing emerging markets, thermoplastics and carbon fiber

CW editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan identifies companies exhibiting at JEC World 2022 that are advancing both materials and technologies for the growing AAM, hydrogen, automotive and sustainability markets.
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JEC World 2022, Part 1: Highlights in sustainable, digital, industrialized composites

JEC World 2022 offered numerous new developments in composites materials, processes and applications, according to CW senior editor, Ginger Gardiner, most targeting improved sustainability for wider applications.
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Urban Air Mobility

Plant tour: Victrex Composites Solutions, Bristol, Rhode Island, U.S.

De-risking thermoplastic composites at industrial scale via hybrid overmolding.
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Multi-composite thrust chamber aims to boost rockets, reduce cost for New Space economy

Black Engine uses new, microporous CMC liner for transpiration cooling and multiple lightweight composites in modular design that offers increased lifetime and lower maintenance versus current launch vehicle engines.
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Compression Molding

SMC material configurations tailored to automotive battery enclosure design

SMC battery cover offers various module configurations, levels of performance, mass and cost for electric vehicles.
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Classic Citroën vans reimagined using composites, AOC resins

Caselani Srl, with support from AOC Resins and designer David Obendorfer, retrofits close to 400 vans/year to meet modern needs and comfort for Type H car enthusiasts.  

Additive Manufacturing

AIM3D, Naddcon implement digital process chain for 3D printing

The ExAM 255 multi-material 3D printer from AIM3D, integrated into Siemens’ NX design software, opens up new optimization possibilities for 3D-printed designs, demoed by a 3D-printed GFRP component.  


Pilot program turns EOL wind blades to liners for pipe infrastructure

TPI Composites, Tex-Tech and Carbon Rivers partner to process wind blades, pyrolyze the material and use the recovered glass fibers to give new life to damaged existing pipelines.  

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Planefibra translucent composite tiles target natural lighting, energy savings

More than reducing the electricity bill, companies can improve their work environment by including these GFRP tiles, which have high thermal resistance, on their buildings.  


Windform LX 3.0 composites contribute to OreSat0 CubeSat deployment

Portland State Aerospace Society, incorporating CRP Technology’s GFRP composite materials and SLS 3D printing, sent its CubeSat nanosatellite into low Earth orbit in 2021, where it continues to operate successfully.  
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Glass Fibre Europe publishes updated continuous filament GFRP life cycle assessment

An update to 2010 and 2015 data indicates that the European industry has reduced GHGs and primary energy consumed for continuous filament glass fiber and increased the circular economy.


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Solvay features Xydar polymer for high-heat EV battery module insulation

Xydar LCP G-330 HH is a new glass-filled liquid crystal polymer grade designed to increase passengers’ safety in the event of battery thermal runaway.  

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Ilium Composites introduces ULTImat fire-resistant fiberglass 

A fire-retardant structural core layered with fiberglass and an integrated surface veil meets fire safety standards for closed mold composite parts.  

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Avient polyketone-based materials offer additional sustainable alternatives to polyamides

ComplÄ“t PKE long fiber-reinforced engineered thermoplastics, available with 30-50% long glass fiber, broaden application options, even in cold environments.  

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Cygnet Texkimp develops high-tension carbon fiber overwrapping solution

Fiber winding technology achieves greater power at higher rotating speeds via high-tension composite wrapping, resulting in enhanced fiber-volume ratio, dimensional stability and lighter parts.  
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Compression Molding

CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Wickert Hydraulic Presses USA

Wickert Hydraulic Presses showcases its custom hydraulic presses and fully automated press systems for demanding composite manufacturing solutions.

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CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: AGY

An S-2 Glass fiber/epoxy material produced collaboratively between AGY and Kaneka Aerospace offers tunable transparency, low haze, good impact and mechanical properties.