Exel Composites pultruded rods enhance Umbrosa parasol durability

The Belgium-based manufacturer chose pultruded fiberglass ribs for many of its umbrella and parasol designs to effectively endure exposure to high wind speeds, saltwater, rain and UV.

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Managing Editor, CompositesWorld

Carbon Fibers

Colored carbon fiber composite bike wheels launched at The Cycle Show

Wheel brand Parcours reveals composite bike wheels using Hypetex colored carbon fiber to achieve aesthetic, lightweight and performance goals.  


Nalgene Bottle Production Completes Conversion to Certified 50% Recycled Material

Nalgene Outdoor has completed the conversion of its reusable water bottle manufacturing process to Eastman's Tritan Renew.


Plastics Machinery Shipments Rose in 2022’s Final Quarter

The Plastics Industry Association’s (PLASTICS) Committee on Equipment Statistics (CES) reported that injection molding and extrusion machinery shipments totaled $432.7 million in Q4.
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Aluula Composites, Black Diamond develop climbing helmet

The 2023 Vapor helmet uses Aluula Gold composites — polymer films with UHMWPE fibers — for a 44% increase in strength-to-weight ratio, and 31 grams less weight.

carbon fiber composite camping trailer

Greener camping: Sonic X breaks barriers

Prototype travel trailer generates excitement, leads to new commercial models.
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We Are One announces new Convergence carbon fiber rims, wheels

Boston Materials ZRT composite films are featured in the twisted-shape bicycle rim, enhancing strength, durability and light weight.  


Digital Demo: UV-Cured Powder Coating on Carbon Fiber

Keyland Polymer's R&D chemist will demonstrate the UV powder coating application process followed by UV curing on a carbon fiber water bottle holder. (Sponsored)


CDZ Compositi introduces patented 3D Flex Composite

Specialist in structural and aesthetic prepreg press parts enhances 3D shaping and flexibility in composite parts using carbon and other reinforcement fibers.


Athletic shoe developed with repurposed thermoplastic waste

Manufactured via a single-step molding process, Decathlon’s Traxium Compressor soccer cleats propel the sporting goods market toward more recyclable solutions.
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SNO-GO ski bikes increase performance, reduce weight with carbon fiber components

Engineered with articulated rear skis for more control and accessibility, SNO-GO’s new hexagon-shaped carbon fiber components reduce weight and increase performance.

Carbon Fibers

Carbon Mobile relocates smartphone production to Germany

Carbon Mobile’s Carbon 1 MK II, a carbon fiber, plastic-neutral smartphone, aims to close the gap on e-waste. 
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NTU Singapore, Arkema manufacture carbon fiber helmets using Elium resin

Carbon fiber reinforcement increases stiffness, toughness of the helmet’s outer shell and allows it to absorb more impact energy over a longer period.

Carbon Fibers

Jabil, KAV Sports deliver customized composite bike helmets

Innovative materials science and 3D printing collaboration meets stringent criteria, enables mass customization for consumers.


Haydale graphene contributes to stronger, lighter sea kayaks

Bespoke mechanical graphene masterbatch was effectively used in a resin infusion process to increase the strength, stiffness and breakage resistance of Norse Kayaks’ products.  

Glass Fibers

Isoco, V Frames, Lehvoss introduce recycled, biopolymer composites to bike frames

Bio-based, performance-optimized composite materials promote more lightweight, stiff and impact resistant E-bike frames and components.  


Arris Composites wins 2023 BIG Innovation Award

The composites manufacturer is recognized for the third year in a row, spotlighting next-gen carbon fiber plates for running shoes.  


Babyark launches smart, composites-intensive car seat 

Impact-absorbing car seat approaches safety holistically with carbon fiber and D3O materials and embedded sensors for real-time monitoring.  

Carbon Fibers

We Are One announces new Convergence carbon fiber rims, wheels

Boston Materials ZRT composite films are featured in the twisted-shape bicycle rim, enhancing strength, durability and light weight.  


Carbon Fibers

Deckers Innovation Lab combines fast, casual comfort with composite footwear

The KO-Z Sport Low Wool Carbon footwear features an Xponent midsole with carbon fiber plate layered between upcycled EVA foam for a “fast-casual” shoe selection.  


Cycle Inspect introduces damage, risk assessment service to the composite bicycle industry

Australian startup seeks to bridge the disparity gap between carbon fiber bike ownership and specialists trained to inspect them via an ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) and visual inspections procedure.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Toray

The Toray Group’s specialized product portfolio includes the Torayca carbon fiber and advanced thermoplastic and thermoset composites materials used in a variety of aerospace, defense, industrial and automotive applications.  
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Aluula introduces lightweight composite materials for wind sports and beyond

The company’s proprietary UHMWPE fabrics combined with technical films in a patented fusion process are said to increase performance and recyclability.


CAMX 2021 exhibit preview: Mito Material Solutions

Mito Materials unveils graphene-enhanced composite skis, the first application of its graphene-based additive technology.


Teijin launches carbon fiber intermediate material brands

Tenax PW and Tenax BM is a series of aircraft- and satellite-quality materials made for sport applications with superior strength, toughness and durability compared to standard Teijin carbon fiber prepregs