CW’s Inside Manufacturing article series focuses on the step-by-step manufacturing processes, materials and technologies used to fabricate composite parts and structures for all of the end markets served by the composites industry.

Take a look here at our all-time top ten Inside Manfuacturing stories, according to Google Analytics. 

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10. Compression RTM for production of future aerostructures

Automated preforming and 5-min resin infiltration show a way forward for lower-cost CFRP primary structures.

Photo Credit: Techni-Modul Engineering and CW, Ginger Gardiner.

9. Spar forming simplified

Adapting its Automated Stiffener Forming (ASF) technology to build spars directly in female molds, Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems anticipates dramatic drops in cycle time and manufacturing cost.

automated spar forming

Photo Credit: NGIS

8. Optimizing AFP for complex-cored CFRP fuselage

Automated process cuts emissions, waste and cost for lightweight RACER helicopter side shells.

Photo Credit: Clean Aviation, Airbus Helicopters, Fraunhofer IGCV

7.  Advancing the OOA infused wing box


MTorres integrates lower cover, front and rear spars into unitized flying demonstrator using one-shot, low-cost, portable production.

Photo Credit: IIAMS project


6.  Easy-to-use kits enable infield repair of composite structures

Portable kit enables patch repairs using UV-cure glass fiber/vinyl ester or room-temp stored carbon fiber/epoxy prepregs and battery-powered curing equipment.

infield composite repair UV cure repair patch

Photo Credit: Custom Technologies LLC

5. The future of CFRP aerostructures assembly

 Metrology, robotics and inline inspection cut cost, reduce shimming and enable future automated production of three vertical tail planes per day.

Photo Credit: Airbus / CTC / Fraunhofer IFAM

4. Building the Museum of the Future

FR composite panels provide structure, sealing and iconic facade for pioneering architecture in Dubai.

Photo Credit: CW

 3. Braided preforms and resin infusion for next-generation aerocomposites

Spintech shows significant cost and labor savings using its Smart Tooling, dry fiber preforms and RTM/VARTM technology on aircraft wing and inlet duct demonstrators.

Photo Credit: Spintech Holdings Inc.

 2. Composite rebar for future infrastructure

GFRP eliminates risk of corrosion and increases durability fourfold for reinforced concrete that meets future demands as traffic, urbanization and extreme weather increase. 

glass fiber composite rebar
Photo Credit: Mateenbar

 1. High-rate, automated aerospace RTM line delivers next-gen spoilers

At Spirit AeroSystem’s Prestwick facility in Scotland, a glimpse of the future of aerocomposites manufacturing in a resin transfer molding line for A320 spoilers.

Photo Credit: CW
Landscape Photo Credit: Left: Clean Aviation, Airbus Helicopters, Fraunhofer IGCV, middle: Spintech Holdings Inc., right: Custom Technologies LLC


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