Carbon Fibers

SHD, Lineat signs terms for sustainable carbon fiber composites

Alignment of “recycled” and waste carbon fiber material via a patented manufacturing technology process will encourage more sustainable, circular composite materials development.

Grace Nehls
Managing Editor, CompositesWorld

Carbon Fibers

Colored carbon fiber composite bike wheels launched at The Cycle Show

Wheel brand Parcours reveals composite bike wheels using Hypetex colored carbon fiber to achieve aesthetic, lightweight and performance goals.  


21st century concrete: composite metamaterial with super compressability, energy harvesting

Material comprising 3D-printed, auxetic, reinforced polymer lattices in conductive cement matrix can compress up to 15% and generate electricity for lightweight, mechanically tunable structures with energy harvesting and sensing.


Future Materials Group report addresses advanced materials and climate change

Report analyzes sustainability strategy development, the role of carbon fiber in the global energy transition, and profitability challenges faced by wind OEMs. 
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Carbon Fibers

Real-time assessment of thermoset composites curing

The combination of material state management (MSM) software and an encapsulated sample rheometer (ESR) enables real-time cure recipe management or cure model development inside the autoclave.

The making of carbon fiber

The making of carbon fiber

A look at the process by which precursor becomes carbon fiber through a careful (and mostly proprietary) manipulation of temperature and tension.
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Carbon Fibers

Addyx carbon exoskeleton technology enables molded ribs inside hollow composite structures

Using a water-soluble mandrel, carbon exoskeleton opens paradigm for topology-optimized composites, cutting weight, manufacturing time and scrap rate.


Markforged highlights Sidus Space 3D-printed composite satellite

The two partners have spent the last four years working on LizzieSat, a partially 3D-printed satellite that is set to launch on the SpaceX Transporter-9 rocket in 2023.
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Carbon Fibers

Demonstrating functionalized, cost-effective composites using additive extrusion

Hybrid thermoset/thermoplastic composite part with 3D-printed functionalization demonstrates technology possibilities and EmpowerAX open platform offering expertise from members throughout the process chain.

Carbon Fibers

Hexagon Purus Westminster: Experience, growth, new developments in hydrogen storage

Hexagon Purus scales production of Type 4 composite tanks, discusses growth, recyclability, sensors and carbon fiber supply and sustainability.
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Carbon Fibers

Pyromeral mineral composites demonstrate resistance to thermal runaway

PyroKarb, a carbon fiber-reinforced glass-ceramic, has been demonstrated to withstand the high temperatures of open flame during a thermal runaway event in eVTOL batteries with little to no damage.  

Carbon Fibers

Hexagon Purus opens new U.S. facility to manufacture composite hydrogen tanks

CW attends the opening of Westminster, Maryland, site and shares the company’s history, vision and leading role in H2 storage systems.
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Optimizing a thermoplastic composite helicopter door hinge

9T Labs used Additive Fusion Technology to iterate CFRTP designs, fully exploit continuous fiber printing and outperform stainless steel and black metal designs in failure load and weight.

Carbon Fibers

NCAMP qualifies Teijin carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics

This represents the first qualification of a carbon fiber fabric-reinforced thermoplastic composite material by the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP). 


The T.33 Spider: Another carbon fiber masterpiece from Gordon Murray

The legendary performance designer-engineer believes in purity of execution, and the T.33 Spider shows that the approach still drives him.


Addyx carbon exoskeleton technology enables molded ribs inside hollow composite structures

Using a water-soluble mandrel, carbon exoskeleton opens paradigm for topology-optimized composites, cutting weight, manufacturing time and scrap rate.


Carbon fiber Hartzell propeller drives fuel cell-powered Dash 8

Specially designed five-bladed propeller keeps Universal Hydrogen hydrogen-testbed aircraft airborne during a flight in early March 2023, giving support to green technologies.  
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Carbon Fibers

C12 Technology, Carbon Conversions launch products made with rCF

C12 Technology will offer rotomolded thermoplastic products reinforced with Carbon Conversions’ recycled carbon fiber (rCF) products.

Carbon Fibers

TPRC research studies void removal mechanisms in VBO processing

New publication evaluates vacuum bag only-consolidated carbon fiber/PEEK tapes to determine the role of different void removal mechanisms in thermoplastic composites.



JEC World 2023 preview: TeXtreme

The unveiling of TeXtreme Gapped UD, a dry carbon fiber reinforcement material designed for resin infusion processes, is highlighted as a high-performance, cost-effective OOA material solution.  
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Carbon Fibers

JEC World 2023 preview: SGL Carbon

SGL Carbon launches new 50K Sigrafil C T50-4.9/235 carbon fiber, which will match the high strength requirements for pressure vessels, for example, to store hydrogen at 700 bar.
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Carbon Fibers

JEC World 2023 preview: CompoTech

Custom-designed carbon fiber/epoxy components and automated fiber winding machine offerings will be on display, emphasizing CompoTech’s focus on designing and supplying turnkey composites technologies.  

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SABIC debuts EN45545 rail-compliant, fiber-reinforced compound

LNP Thermocomp AM DC0041XA51 offers the rail industry a solution that can be used for on-demand printing of large, complex exterior and interior parts in relatively small build numbers.  

Carbon Fibers

Markforged Simulation software features virtual testing capability

Virtual testing validates the strength of advanced composite parts and automatically optimizes print parameters to help lower cost and speed production.  

Carbon Fibers

Cygnet Texkimp develops high-tension carbon fiber overwrapping solution

Fiber winding technology achieves greater power at higher rotating speeds via high-tension composite wrapping, resulting in enhanced fiber-volume ratio, dimensional stability and lighter parts.  
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