Additive Manufacturing

ATLAM combines composite tape laying, large-scale thermoplastic 3D printing in one printhead

CEAD, GKN Aerospace Deutschland and TU Munich enable additive manufacturing of large composite tools and parts with low CTE and high mechanical properties.

Ginger Gardiner
Senior Technical Editor, CompositesWorld

Glass Fibers

Adaptive composite elements for building facades exhibited at JEC World 2023

University of Stuttgart institutes use carbon and glass fiber composites, robotic fabrication, biomimetic design and digial twin/control to demonstrate adaptive facade elements for future buildings.


JEC World 2023 preview: Broetje-Automation

The STAXX One automated fiber placement (AFP) systems are run by industrial robotics and incorporate digital twin technology. 


JEC World 2023 preview: Carbon Axis

Carbon Axis unveils tape winding and heating capabilities for XCell, a turnkey automated fiber placement (AFP) robotic cell.  

Additive Manufacturing

DLR project demonstrates hybrid AM process for composites

Latest DLR development in 3D printing combines additive extrusion technologies and AFP to present a new approach for manufacturing complex thermoplastic composite structures.
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Electroimpact AFP head carbon fiber placement

Evolving AFP for the next generation

‘Aerospace quality at automotive pace’ is the mantra of the supply chain being developed for next-generation commercial aircraft. Automation is evolving to meet the challenge.
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Want The Basics?

Videos / Podcasts


Optimizing AFP for complex-cored CFRP fuselage

Automated process cuts emissions, waste and cost for lightweight RACER helicopter side shells.
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Urban Air Mobility

Plant tour: Avel Robotics, Lorient, France

From AFP hydrofoils to more efficient aircraft parts, Avel uses digital design, multiprocess production and a rule-breaking approach for complex 4D composites.
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Plant tour: ÉireComposites, Galway, Ireland

An in-house testing business and R&D focus has led to innovative materials use and projects in a range of markets, from civil aerospace to renewable energy to marine.
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SuCoHS project: Advancing composite solutions for parts with high thermal and mechanical loads

New materials, structural concepts and manufacturing using sensors for composites that resist fire, temperature and loads while providing weight and cost savings versus metals.
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AFP-XS platform demonstrates rectangular tube manufacture

Addcomposites collaborated with MBDA and Compositadour to produce lightweight, stiff and weatherproof components that are electrically insulating, chemically resistant and dimensionally stable.


Addcomposites adds tape winding to Finland facility for pilot trials

The new capability, which enhances the available level of design freedom, was added to encourage manufacturers to develop new innovations using tape winding.


Hengshen to produce rear pressure bulkhead demonstrators

China-based Hengshen Carbon and Composites will produce five 4.5-meter demonstrator composite rear pressure bulkheads (RPB) for a Chinese aerospace OEM.
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STUNNING project completes lower half of MFFD

Clean Sky project has delivered the 8 × 4 meter welded aerostructure component, aided by advanced thermoplastic composite technologies and smart robotics.  
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EU-funded GENEX project to develop digital twin framework for aircraft lifecycle tracking

Novel digital framework to enable holistic and comprehensive data capture through the entire aircraft lifecycle, supporting composite component/structure manufacture optimization and maintenance.  
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Cannon Tipos, Coriolis Composites mold complex automotive structural part from single preform

Dosing equipment for precise injection and mold engineering enable near-net-shape dry preform for HP-RTM CFRP composite part with rapid cycle time.  

Carbon Fibers

Cygnet Texkimp builds high-precision slitter spooler rewinder for industry trials

Demonstration machine can precisely slit and wind up to 48 tapes from continuous thermoset UD carbon fiber prepreg, with additional material compatibilities.  


Tri-Mack introduces thin, lightweight thermoplastic composite enclosures

Durable, low-cost manufacturing support wide range of industrial uses, with option for embedded EMI shielding.  
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Collins Aerospace demonstrates new thermoplastic composites capabilities

Collins Aerospace in Almere has produced a 7-meter raceway for the Clean Sky 2 MFFD lower fuselage using novel CCM and tooling technology while the Riverside facility in the U.S. advances AFP and welding as part of global strategy for more sustainable airframes.
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CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Fives

The Composites & Automated Solutions line from Fives supplies next-gen automated composites manufacturing solutions, such as the Cincinnati Robotic Viper, Cincinnati Supercharger and Fives In-Process Inspection for increased productivity.  
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CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Composite Automation

Composite Automation is joined by Isojet Equipements and PCM/Lucas Industries, bringing solutions for every step of the composites manufacturing process to one booth.
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Filament Winding

CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Mikrosam

Mikrosam presents automated, high-performance composites manufacturing equipment for filament winding, AFP/ATL, prepregs and towpregs, pressure vessels, slitting and rewinding.


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Engineering Technology Corp.

ETC exhibits turnkey composites equipment like laboratory-scale and multi-spindle automated winders, as well as a large-scale tape wrapping machine at its joint booth with Zoltek.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Heraeus Noblelight

Humm3 technology is a high power, safe, highly controllable broadband heat source for automated fiber placement, automated tape laying, filament winding and other composites applications.


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Qarbon Aerospace

Qarbon Aerospace exhibits its capabilities in manufacturing composite components and assemblies, highlighting its proficiencies in major assembly and systems integration, automated layup, hand layup, high-temp composites and core fabrication.
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